Private Language Lessons in Manchester.

The Language class organises private language classes in the greater Manchester area. Qualified and native speakers come to your home or office offering Italian, French, Spanish language lessons.

Maria Romanelli – Italian

Buongiorno! My name is Maria and I am originally from Abruzzi, Italy. I specialize in teaching Italian to all interested students. As a romance language, Italian is one of the most influential languages in the world. In fact, nearly 125 million people speak this fascinating language worldwide. If you want to learn Italian, you’ve come to
the right place. As a former middle school teacher, I know it can hard learning a new language. This is why I work at your pace, and can help you speak and master this unique language. Whether you love its cuisine or soccer team, Italy remains one of the shining stars in Europe. Why not learn its language and truly expand your horizons? I hope to see you in my classes and Arrivederci for now!

Lisa Perez – Spanish

Hola students! My name is Lisa Perez and I hail from Madrid, Spain. My specialty is Spanish, which is spoken by over 414 million people across the globe. It is also the second most spoken language by primary speakers, and is the most popular language for bilingual students and teachers. If you’ve always wanted to learn Spanish, now is the perfect time. I offer easy to understand classes that will help you learn, speak, and even write this globally popular language. I can also teach you about Spanish culture, including arts, music, cuisine, and especially sports. See you in my class and adios for now!

Pierre Lebeaux – French

Bonjour! My name is Pierre and I am from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. I have a Master’s Degree in French and have been teaching for over 10 years. As the language of love, French is eloquently spoken by over 220 million people. This includes Europe, as well as Canada, America, and especially throughout Africa. If you want to learn this captivating and compelling language, I can turn your dreams into realities. Simply sign up for my class and you will truly experience the magic of France! Au Revoir!