Guillaume French, English and Russian Teacher


During the last three years I have been teaching languages in developing countries (Mongolia and Kyrgyzstan). I was teaching mainly English but also French and Russian. The methodology we used was based primarily on a computer courseware that allowed learners to acquire new material on the computer (structures and basic vocabulary). The courseware also gave students very precise feedback and helped them study better.
The role of the teacher was then to make them practice that material and extend it into their real life. Most of it was very practical and oral. The main idea was that the teacher should be facilitating more than teaching per se, and that the learners should be doing most of the talking.
To do so, I used several short activities, first focusing on using what they already knew, then using it for a more localised, personalised usage, going all the way from listening to speaking and then reading to writing.
Using that methodology, we emphasised automaticity as language must be used automatically without thinking too much about the language.
This way, grammar was not taught per se, it was used for its main purpose: communication in a foreign language.
The students very much liked that way of teaching as they are empowered, which really motivates them.
I used to teach young adults and adults, general English as well as technical English (mining, heavy machinery, banking).
My mother tongue is French, I have a near-native level in English and I am fluent in Russian.