British Police To Learn Polish

British police have always been known for their smart appearance and respectful approach. In Northamptonshire, however, the police are adding a new skill to their repertoire. This is in the form of Polish and other Eastern European languages. As part of a new cultural awareness program, local police have partnered with The Association of Northamptonshire Supplementary Schools (ANSS). This marriage will provide officers access to foreign language courses, along with basic and short phrases. With multiculturalism on the rise in the UK, Northamptonshire police will learn foreign languages as part of an exciting and new training curriculum.

Polish Fair

Polish immigrants bring culture to the UK – source

The training will also help officers engage the local foreign population. This includes new arrivals, along with foreign born residents and citizens that have called Northamptionshire home for years. In addition, the training will teach local officers about different faiths and cultures. According to school members and police, this is the perfect way to break down communication and social barriers. In fact, the training is designed not only to unite the community, but also to build a lasting trust and confidence. This is echoed by PC Nick Stevens and DC Rachel Packman who both serve as Community Engagement Officers.

The multicultural training will also teach officers about local houses of worship. They will even partake in area festivals, which highlight the diversity of this growing and expanding county. With face-to-face sessions and regular meetings, the community can grow as one. The county can also ensure safety for all its residents and guests. This is something Packman and Stevens strongly believe in. In fact, they have helped organize the training sessions for local frontline officers. Along with the ANSS, the police hope to forge lasting relations with local residents. By learning a little about their customs, practices, faith, and especially languages, the county will build strong bonds and bridges that will hopefully last for generations to come.

As part of the initiative, the Northampton Muslim Police Association will also discuss aspects of their faith with local officers.

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