10 reasons for Learning Italian


Learning a second or third foreign language is very exciting. Italian is among the most popular foreign languages that most people engage in.  Theres a lot to learn about, such as history and culture when a person has some Italian knowledge. The language also allows one to interact with people abroad during visits and holidays in Italy and other places. There exist many other reasons as to why people learn Italian. The following are the top 10 reasons for learning the language.


1.      Most people rate Italian language as the most beautiful worldwide spoken language. It is regarded as a language of food and arts. The language is also easy to learn compared to other foreign languages.


2.      One improves their cultural and universal speaking skills. The Italian culture dominates in many areas and offers great ways of enjoying it. This is through such aspects as the Italian fashion, designers, gastronomy and architecture among others.


3.      It allows one a chance to easily study art history associated with Michelangelos birth land. Most art history books are composed in Italian language thus one needs to be familiar with the language to avoid wasting time with translations.


4.      There is no need of following up subtitles when watching prominent Italian language movies. Such movies include the Viscontis, Fellinis and Pasolinis. These movies rate among the top 10s and play in Italian language.


5.      Understanding a variety of names to describe food. Compared to any other language, Italian offers the most words to refer to food. This is because Italians love food too much and there are many Italian recipes that one can enjoy from home.


6.      It gives one a chance to easily interact with Italians who are best known for their friendliness and accommodative traits. The locals are also talkative and fervent to take visitors through the country. Learning Italian is the only way to get directions when one visits Italy.


7.      Italiansongs become entertaining at last. Such include the likes of Luciano Pavarotti, a very popular operatic tenor. Rather than listening, it allows one to learn and practice Italian pop songs.


8.      Poets and poem enthusiasts get a smooth time reading La Divina Commedia that was written by the epic poet Dante Alighieri. Written back in the 1300s, the poem is regarded as the finest work in Italian literature.


9.      The language is the closest to Latin, an ancestral language common in all romance languages.


10.  Eases communication with ones Italian-born grandparents as well as enhancing research on family roots as well as interpreting ancient family documents.