Why learn a foreign language? Benefits of bilingualism

There are several benefits of learning a new or foreign language. In fact, I recently read an interested article in the Telegraph that highlighted the benefits of bilingualism. The article listed several valid points on the importance of learning new languages for business and social reasons. As a marketing specialist, I tend to agree with the overall theme and gist of this helpful and informative article. Whether it is formulating an advertising campaign or revamping a website, I often come across clients whose native language is not English. As a result, I have to employ the services of a translator to ensure optimal communications across the board. Suffice to say, this is very time consuming and still results in communication barriers from time to time.

the daily telegraph - Napier


According to the article, learning a new language can truly expand your horizons. In addition to making you smarter, you are able to effectively market your skills to broader and mass audiences. Whether it is learning French, Spanish, or even Chinese, the demand for bilingual workers is at an all time high. With a second language listed on your resume, your chances of securing higher paying jobs abroad are also greater. Learning a second language can also stimulate your brain’s capacity to think at higher levels. In fact, recent studies have show that students with foreign language capabilities are able to score higher on standardized tests. When translated to the business world, this means you can attract and engage more international clients to the products and services and seek. No matter which industry you are in, bilingualism can help you extend your brand’s reach to mass audiences.

As a marketing specialist, I consistently have to multi-task on a daily basis. This means handling multiple projects, while interacting with existing and new clients. Recent studies have also shown that people can multi-task much easier if they know a foreign language. In fact, mastering a new language allows you to juggle between your native tongue and the recently acquired language. This helps tear down communication barriers, while ensuring better productivity and performance across multiple departments. In recent months, my account executives have landed a number of Spanish speaking clients. As a result, I have had to learn this popular and growing language just to stay competitive in this globally challenging and diverse marketplace.

The Telegraph article also states several other benefits of learning a new language. This includes improves memory, better perception, and enhanced skills. Since you are keeping your mind active, you are also able to stave off dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Ever since I learned Spanish, I completely agree with the above mentioned points. Not only has my memory functions improved, my ability to correspond with domestic and Spanish speaking clients has increased as well. This has helped my business grow and expand, while generating more leads and revenue. Surprisingly, my English skills have also improved since I learned Spanish over the last few months.

There’s more to learning a new language than just sprucing up your resume. For me, learning Spanish has helped me connect with my Latino neighbors and friends. It is a sense of personal enrichment that simply cannot be explained. As the world grows smaller, learning a new language can truly propel you to new heights!